Monday, March 26, 2012


Some stats ... here are the stances that are used in Kanku-sho:

kokutsu dachi (back stance)
zenkutsu dachi (front stance)
kosa dachi (cross-legged stance)
renoji dachi (L-stance)
kiba dachi (horse riding stance)
ryote fuse (both hands down)

The zenkutsu dachi that tsukami uke is done in is shorter than usual, and in fact Kanazawa gives it the name moto dachi (foundation stance). The extra low back stance, done after the jump into ryote fuse, Kanazawa calls kasei kokutsu dachi (strong low back stance).

There are 15 front stances, 13 back stances, 3 cross-legged stances, 2 L-stances, and 1 hands-down stance (a very long and low front stance, you could say).

Taiji Kase, kasui ken

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