Thursday, March 8, 2012

New rules

At karate last night we were given an update on our kata 'tests'. They will now be spread over three training sessions, with the first on the 18th April. Mine is to be on 25th April. A few items have been added: other members of the club will score us on various aspects, giving marks out of 10, meaning there will now be a 'winner'. We have also each chosen a partner with which to demonstrate our bunkai; I will be partnering Sensei for Hangetsu and also K for Ji'in. Sensei will be my partner for Kanku-sho. One more thing, we have each been given someone else's kata that we must research (history) in order to gauge their knowledge. I must admit I was hoping for Empi or Hangetsu, both very interesting kata, but I was given Ji'in instead. Actually, this is good, as it forces me out of my well-known favourites, though Ji'in is a bit of a mysterious one. All the same, I'm looking forward to seeing what I can find out about it. I might develop my learning of the kata a little more too - it's rather tenuous at the moment! But mainly, I have to start putting some proper attention on Kanku-sho. I did it once at training last night and it didn't feel very good - it's a difficult kata.

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